Dr. Jared Shippee




I am a podiatrist with extensive experience in Clinical Wound Care, Tele-Wound Care and Clinical Wound Management. I am successful at building and managing a Wound Clinic at the Specialty Clinic at the Fort Meade VA Hospital, increasing patient access to wound care and healing. I pioneered Tele-Wound Care at the Fort Meade VA Hospital, bringing wound care technology to those who would otherwise not receive proper care in a timely manner.

Recently, I expanded my interest in Tele-health by introducing Clinical Video Tele-health(CVT), opening access to all podiatry related issues, not just wound care. I introduced new technology and products to the Podiatry and Wound Clinic Department, saving time, money and improving patient care. For example, digital foot imaging for custom orthotics, Botox, Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation, Anodyne Therapy, Small Nerve Fiber Biopsy, and a whole new arsenal of wound products.  I collaborated with a local pedorthist in designing a Rocker Soled shoe to alleviate high plantar foot pressure areas.

Also for the first time in our clinic, I introduced Regenerative Medicine, injections aimed at soft tissue issues, an alternative to steroid shots and ankle injections. Since introducing more effective and innovative products to our clinic, I have saved the VA over $100,000 between 2013-present. I am fluent in Portuguese, English and can communicate well in Spanish.


• August 2001-May 2005: Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, Cleveland, OH. Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.
• Medical and Surgical Residency: July 2005-2007 August 1997-2001: University of Utah, UT. Bachelor of Science with a major Exercise and Sport Science.

Professional Associations

• Association for the Advancement of Wound Care
• Member of the AAWC Speaker’s Bureau
• National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy
• Academy of Physicians in Wound Healing-2017
• Skin-Oversite Committee, Fort Meade VA


Physician Wound Care Certification Course

• Board Certified Diabetic Wound Care- DWC, by NAWCO
• Board Certified Wound Care- WCC, by NAWCO
• Certified Wound Care Telemedicine Fort Meade VA Hospital
• Clinical Video Telehealth(CVT)
• Level 1 Functional Dry Needling, Brighton, Colorado
• Certified Imager and Reader for the Wound Care Team, Ft. Meade VA

Case Studies

HYBENX, and its effects on wound Biofilm and wound healing-In Progress


• Private Practice, Ogden, UT-2007-2011
• Alpine Orthopedic Specialists, Logan, UT-2010-2013
• Department of Veterans Affairs, Fort Meade, SD-2013-present
• Walk Perfect Too, Inc-2017-present

Externship Training

• Salt Lake City, UT, VA Health Care System-6/2004
• Sandusky, OH, VA Health Care System-7/2004
• Tucson, AZ, VA Health Care System-8/2004
• UHHS/Richmond Heights, OH-9/2004
• Denver, CO, VA Health Care System-11/2004
• Cleveland, OH, VA Health Care System-4/2005
• Dr. Tighe, Richmond Heights, OH-5/2005

Residency Training: PM&S 24

• Black Hills VA Health Care System 7/2005-72006, rotations in Podiatric Medicine, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Dermatology, Neurology, Anesthesiology, Infectious Diseases, Emergency Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Radiology & Psychology.
• Southern Arizona VA Health Care System 7/2006-7/2007 Podiatric Surgery, Podiatric Trauma, Diabetic Wound Treatment, Biomechanics and Orthotics Prescription and Evaluation.

Surgeries Performed

• Completion of a wide range of forefoot, rear foot, ankle and orthopedic surgery to qualify for a PM&S 24 residency program.



• Active License for Podiatric Physician, Utah
• Active License for Podiatric Physician, South Dakota

Professional Interests

Diabetic Wound Care
Wound Care
Radiofrequency Ablation
Tele-Wound care
FAST procedure
Regenerative Healing

Continuing Education

• Totally Small Bones External Ring Fixation Course, Scottsdale, AZ 6/2007
• Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Westminster, CO April 4th & 5th 2008
• Park City, Utah Podiatry Conference, February 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013
• Certified Running Coach, RRCA
• Newton Certified Running Coach-expired

Volunteer Experience

Disaster Emergency Medical Personnel System(DEMPS) Department of Veterans Affairs

Coordinator, Preservation Amputation for Veterans Everywhere(PAVE) Department of Veterans Affairs

• Desert Sharks Triathlon Club Podiatrist-2008-2011
• Consultant for Kneed Independent Footwear-present
• Consultant for Sole Footwear-present
• KUTV Medical Minute, diabetic foot care-6/2011
• Creator of Wound Repair, Enzymatic Assisted Healing
• Professional Article contributor for Road Runners Club of America Journal
• Scientific Board for Professional Botanicals
• Faculty, Desert Foot Conference 2017, Phoenix, AZ

Medical Race Coverage

• Moab 24 Hours
• Moab 100
• Shark Attack Triathlon Medical Director
• Salt Lake City Marathon and Half Marathon Podiatrist
• Xterra Podiatrist
• St. George Ironman Medical Tent
• Xterra Trail Race Podiatrist

Professional Lectures

“The Diabetic Foot” Brigham City Hospital.
“Effects of Obesity” Franklin County Medical Center-4/2011
“What makes us Fat” Franklin County Medical Center-6/2011
“Desiccation, The Antibiotic Resistant Solution” Desert Foot Conference 17’

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